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About Alan

I'm Alan, and I've always been a teacher.  In elementary school, I taught my friends better soccer skills on the playground.  In high school, I stayed after football practice to teach skills to the underclassmen.  It's no surprise to me that I've found myself working full-time in education.  I hold a Latin degree from the University of Georgia, where I played football, in addition to a Finance degree from the same institution.  

In the tutoring world, I'm a math fanatic, spending hours poring over math textbooks for the sheer enjoyment of it.  I'm also a top-scorer, myself, on graduate-level entrance exams, and I use that expertise to help students understand the material and strategies that go into performing well on standardized tests.

Outside the classroom, my favorite job titles are Husband and Dad to my wife and four kids. I'm also a coffee nut, an athlete, a drummer, and the curator of a very fine collection of math jokes.

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